Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Crafting

I know Christmas is already long forgotten and 2011 is already demanding every bit of our attention but I thought I would quickly post on some little Christmas creations I made. I got the pattern and idea from attic24 (who has the BEST crochet patterns and ideas that make me want to quit my job and sit around crocheting 24 hours a day!). I didn’t do as many rounds and make them the size Lucy did, but I think they turned out ok in the end. I decided to make them in the traditional Christmas colours to match my wrapping paper, sew them together and trim with tiny pearls. I ended up tying them onto my ribbons and ta-da! A little handmade goodness on my presents!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Very First!

My new year’s “thing” for 2011 is to start this blog (amongst a million other things I will probably attempt to cram into the 365 days approaching!) . Why start a blog? For a few reasons…..
-          To create a record of the journeys I go on and where they lead – both good and bad
-          I have been inspired by the many blogs I read each week – from all over the world (these mainly focus on crafting, motherhood, education and history)
-          To share a little of what I do with the world (depending on whether they want to hear it or not! Hehe)

I thought I would show you what I have growing in my garden today...they are breathtakingly beautiful and always remind me of a vintage swimming cap! 

See the similarities??? 

So this is it….me..attempting to share some of my lovely, beautiful, busy and full life with you..
I hope to see you all often!