Friday, March 25, 2011

Fairy Homes and Crochet Hearts!

It's a bleary day here so I have been holed up inside for most of the afternoon playing around with some of my pattern ideas and sketching up some items I hope to either knit/sew or crochet in the near future! (although, it does seem like the "near future" never is so busy!)

Either way, I have managed to make a bit of a dent on my project list this week and get through some of my orders! Here is what I have been working on.....

A cute little fairy home! I made it little so I could test out some pattern ideas...I will make some changes and make them bigger for playing with! 

It is cute nice and small though! 

I finished another crochet hat this week for a friend's daughter...

I have become slightly addicted to embellishing these hats..they make making them soooo much fun!

I made some tiny hearts to embellish some hats, now I have become so addicted to making them! they are quick and easy.

This light coral colour is my current favourite...

classic red!

These are flowering in our garden this morning! I told my husband that they look so happy!!!

The bush is covered with buds so I will take a pic when they are all out.

That's it from me this week....I am going to spend this week finalising my current orders so I can remake the fairy house, whip up some gnomes and perhaps a fairy or two to go with it! I know some cute little girls that will LOVE to get their hands on them....

Bye for now!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woodland Love...

It has been another busy week here! The weekend has been restful though with all the lovely rain! It is currently pouring with rain and I am all snuggled up inside with my wool, needles and an episode of my favourite TV show (not to mention a bit of chocolate and a cup of hot coffee!!)

I finished the cutest little bird rattles this week....

Aren't they the cutest!!!!

Easy to grab handle for little hands to shake the rattle!

Embellished with cute little leaves..

I love them!!!!

I think I could have one in every colour! I have nearly finished a red one but I want a dozen more!

In making these birds I got to use my newly acquired "safety eyes"..they are used in making toys for babies. I had to get them from Hong Kong as they aren't available here in Australia. They are an eye attached with a washer at the back - impossible for a baby to get off no matter how much sucking, chewing or teething on! I think using proper eyes gives a knitted toy so much more character!

These birds are off to Sew Beautiful this week to be sold!

When I was making the birds I had a few other pattern ideas so I have been studiously writing some cute little patterns under the theme "Woodland Love"... I'll give you a little hint...

I thought about putting together "Play Bags" that stimulate children's imagination without the plastic garbage toys you get today that require no imagination at all....I am thinking toadstools, cute little fairies, pretty flowers and hand cut wooden building blocks....

Anyway, I am busy as a bee this week with lots of orders to complete!

Have a fab week!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pearls and Lace...

I don't know if anyone else has found this to be true, but the more I delve into my crafting, the more ideas I get!!! I have a notepad currently full of sketches and projects to put together when I have the time...(is that ever going to happen??). Anyway, last night I was finishing off another crochet hat in the most gorgeous colour and it gave me the idea for a collection of hats and baby/toddler/young child wear collection called "Pearls and Lace".

I am thinking swatches of lace in pearl, ivory and cream with vintage buttons, crisp white linen, pure wool in shades of cream, lilac, velvet and pretty marone. I have so many ideas!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would post the hat I finished last night with it's little abstract embellishment (husband think it looks like a pair of wings, I wasn't really going for that but it works for me!!)

This is just the start.....

Somehow the detail of the hat seems so much clearer in this shade of colour...

I LOVE the looks so cute on!

A bit of abstract complete with a vintage button (button from 1950..)

Even though I am a total jean wearing, t-shirt loving kind of girl, I absolutely love the idea of little girls actually dressing like little girls!!!!! This is the idea and inspiration behind this collection..

Must run, assessment isn't going to do itself! (I wish it would...on the upside, I will be finished studying by mid year hopefully! Yipee!)

Have a brilliant Sunday


Happy Hattery!

It has been a fairly good week here in the mountains.....only downside is that I have had an infected wisdom tooth which has been painful to say the least!!!! I am off to the dentist on Tuesday to discover the fate of my oh-so-annoying tooth so I am hoping to resume normal eating this week!

All in all, life is fairly grand in this house and we are enjoying a lovely relaxing Saturday with a spot of shopping (husband let me buy amazing new jeans!!!), pottering around the house and the FIL's birthday dinner tonight.

I haven't had alot of time for crafting this week, but I have had time to whip up two cute as anything little crochet hats. One is an order that I needed to complete this week and the other I made from my scraps first off to see what it would look like..

Aren't they cute!!!! The coral colour on the right is the first one I made from scraps I had in the yarn basket.
I love the sweet scalloped edges....
A closer look at the scallops...I think it makes the edging...

An upright look...I love this one. I think it would look sooooo cute on a little head!
I added a detailed butterfly button to finish it off...I am hoping the recipient loves it as much as I do!
I am nearly finished another one, it is really vintage looking - a deep lilac colour and I am thinking of making cream and pearl flowers to go with it - I think it would look a little more dressy - hopefully I might be able to post that in the next few days. I have a few more orders to complete this week so I will do my best!

I also took a quick pic of the shop my goods are going to be selling in....

 The shop was actually closed when I took this pic, but I will have to take one when it is open. It is lovely!!! 

More to come in the next few weeks hopefully! We have a very busy few weeks coming up (hopefully we will have some more good news to share soon!!!) so bear with me if the posts are late...

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Beginnings and Reminiscing...

What a full on week it has been here!!!! We have had so much on, both personally and work wise. Today was a break from all that when we looked after our niece and nephew while my sister and her husband went to a wedding. Before I share what Little Miss and I got up to, I have some GREAT news......

I have signed on with a beautiful local shop that stocks beautiful handmade items (toys, accessories, children's clothes etc) and also sewing fabrics, wool, sewing accessories and lots more. I am going to be stocking some of my rattles in there initially and I hope to do other things as I find time to tweak patterns and finish designing other items. The shop is called "Sew Beautiful" and is located in Springwood. I will put a link to their website on here as soon as they have their site up and running.
The invitation to stock my items was a real confirmation that I am headed into the right direction with my business, even if it is only in the beginning stages. I have been working on my logo and label name, along with the rough outline of what I hope the business to be. It is hard while I am still working and studying, but study will be finished soon and one day (hopefully in the near future!) I won't have to work so that will give me alot more time to develop my ideas!!!

Anyway....when I first learnt to knit, I decided I wanted to learn to knit "in the round" and so I made copious amounts of beanies for kids so I could practice my newly found skills. I had kept some of these old beanies in a bag and my niece found them today and we had an impromtu little "photoshoot" with lots of requests from Little Miss to "take my photo" and "say cheese"....some of the pics I couldn't resist putting up here....

The pink "fuzzy" one was her favourite...

The bag had to come...

Cute as a button in her butterfly beanie...

Waiting for the "bus" apparently...on our old green seat..

Picking flowers to put in the bag..

Pulling silly faces...

The kids have been picked up so its just me and the husband again now.
I have just finished one of the bird rattles which I will have to put the pics up here when they are all done (so we can have a rainbow of colours!)

Until then....