Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kids Skinny Leg PJ Pants...

I got given a new overlocker for Christmas and I was pretty eager to get it sewing and learn all the ins and outs of my new machine...I decided to make something totally out of knit fabric so I could exclusively use my overlocker without the need to go bac and forth between it and my sewing machine. Turns out I love it - so much easier, cleaner and crisper than my machine! It has definitely earned it's place on my sewing table.
I decided to make these cute skinny leg PJ pants I once saw on a blog I read From An Igloo. I wasn't overly happy with the top pattern but I was pretty happy with the pants - they are too cute!

The camera doesn't really bring up the colours well but the stripe fabric is a really nice light blue stripe.
I obviously made them in little girl colours as I couldn't really find any knit or jersery fabric I liked that would suit a little man.

I love the little bum on the pants...the original pattern had an applique on the bum which made it mega cute, but I didn't have the time to do one on time!

front of the pants...

I think they would be really comfy and great for in between seasons and winter as well.

This week has been a good one, hubs and I had a visit from my parents which was nice, they hadn't seen me since I first found out I was pregnant so they had a nice shock at my belly! hehe. We had a nice time ordering pizza, watching movies, coffee and cake and just relaxing.
Hubs and I also had to go and make our hospital booking for when bubs comes - we are all booked in now! Makes it feel a little more real, although I do sometimes look down at my bump and find it surreal that there is an actual baby in there!!!!

We have holidays coming up soon which we are both dying for!!!! 2 weeks of coastal bliss should do the trick!

Better go now, hubs is serving the roast! I will leave you with a pic of some cute and cheeky monkeys that went off to the shop recently...

Hope this week is kind to you and speeds at lightning pace towards Friday and next weekend!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinterest Finds!

I thought I might show you some of the inspiring and beautiful things floating around the Pinterest world...

A needle felted ET! Amazing detail...

Needle felted animals...I love these!!!

Cute pin cushion...I need!

Can you tell I am slightly obsessed with needle felting at the moment? But how seriously cute!

These are way too cute!!! I love spearmint lollies too!

and last but not least....something funny....

Oh how I wish this was true sometimes! hahahaha

I am definitely getting some of my creative juices back looking around on Pinterest and thinking about all the new patterns I can try when I have a spare minute.

Hope you find the time to be creative this week....does browsing around on Pinterest count?


Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing! My Creativity....

Over the last 8 weeks or so I have had a total lack of desire to be creative...On top of being really busy with life in general, morning sickness has zapped any resolve to do anything apart from sleeping, being sick, rummaging in the cupboard for some kind of food to keep down and sleeping some more. I had no idea how tired I would be an how sick I would feel. I am hoping (with every finger and toe crossed) that it will pass soon and I might get my energy and creative mojo back.

At the moment, my life is filled with doctor's visits (really, how many times is normal in one week?), work and filling current orders (which thankfully, have kept my mind occupied and hands busy). Cooking dinner for hubs when he gets home from work has been a bit hit and miss - there has been way too many pizza and thai meals around here!

Today e had a baby scan that totally amazed me. After nearly a year at IVF and a few losses, I am still in awe that I am actually having a baby. I sit and watch the ultrasound screen and think...Whose baby is that? That can't be mine! Yet, as my stomach grows and I devour salt and vinegar chips by the kilo, it becomes more real. To all those couples out there that are till trying and going through what is one of the hardest times of your life...stay strong. I know how it feels and to be honest, in the middle of it, it SUCKS. I am not going to give you "it will be alright in the end" cause I hated that. Just keep strong. Your future babies are worth it.

Enough waffling on from me....even though I haven't done alot of new projects lately (I do hve a few I want to try when time allows) I did have one small project I didn't show you...

My nan is the queen of making receiving blankets for babies. (Receiving blankets?? What the?) Basically, a soft flannel blanket with a crochet edge that is divine for wrapping bub, laying on the floor for bub to lay on and any general "baby needs a blanket" time. I wanted to give one a go considering I always loved my nan's one...
Here is my first attempt (I now regret the colours I used, so not happy with it but hey, it's a first attempt!)

Before you say it, I know my toenails drastically need a re-paint. It's been done!

That's it for me today! Hope you are having a great week and getting some sun!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tiny Hand Rattles...

A miracle has occured today! The SUN is out! Yes that's right....after days and days of rain, it felt so good to feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. I spent the morning with my sister at some local fabric sales and scored some bargains, such pretty florals and spots - I can't wait to start sewing!

I did try out a new pattern recently for the cutest little rattles. What I love about these is the handle of the rattles are perfect for tiny hands, they almost fit right into the palm of baby hands. I love them!

Cute little bear and monkey!

They have the sweetest little faces and so easy to hold onto for little hands!

I love the cheeky!

Colour combinations are pretty endless really...These rattles were made for little boys.

Do you like? I think they are cute!

Here's to hoping the sun stays around for a few more hours this week!
Have a great week friends..