Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Showers and Holidays!

It feels like time flys by so quickly and I never get time to prepare the blog posts that I really want to write. I always end up offering the half version of what I really want to say just to get my post down and then find myself frustrated that my blog is not doing what I want it to do! I keep telling myself that once maternity leave rolls around (3 and a half months to go, but whose counting!) I will have more time to really put the effort in. That's right...keep telling yourself that! Right now I am frantically trying to get this post done while packing for holidays, finishing off a couple of orders and scheduling baby scans. But who is complaining...all of those a good problems to have!

A friend of mine at work is having a little girl real soon and I put together a cute basket for her baby shower which I can't make as we will be away....I figured that every little girl needs cute shoes and hats!

cute pink shoes and a bunny ears hat to match!

Hubs and I are heading off on holidays in the next few days and I could not be more excited for it!!!! I am hoping for a little quiet time over the next few weeks to try my hand at needle felting - my new craft interest! A few pics that have inspired me lately...

I also want to try a few hook projects I have had waiting...

I LOVE amazing and cute are they!!!

Too many cute things and no where near enough time. Let's hope I get a newborn that behaves!

Have a great few weeks, see you on the flip side where I will hopefully be relaxed, rejuvanted and bursting with news about whether we are having a pink one or a blue one!


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