Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cotton Headbands

Hi friends! It has been a busy one this weekend! I have been away on my dear friend Ell's birthday weekend in the Southern Highlands which was so delightful! Although I have come home with infected wisdom teeth AGAIN...grrr I hate them! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my sister saw a beautiful headband that she loved so I decided to make one for her. I used organic cotton, which feels soooo soft and embellished it with vintage lace and buttons plus a cute little flower.
I haven't seen my sis this week so I had to model this headband myself (which is not my favourite thing to do) so I decided to make it a bit fun! (BTW Cass if you are reading this, this is your headband!! I will give it to you when I see you next....)

This is how I feel about modelling my own stuff...

I actually used a bought pattern for this (shock horror!!) and I got it from this lovely lady..Elisa McLaughlin. She has some really great patterns. I bought her knit headband pattern and I know I will get ALOT of use out of this. It is starting to get a bit warm for a wool headband but I can see myself making lots of cotton ones for spring! 
That's all for me today, I will be back again soon with some (hopefully) finished projects to show you!
Have a good week

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When I very first really got into crochet I decided to make a blanket to go on our bed. I wanted to make it in blue tones as hubs isn't really a pink bedspread kind of guy (thankfully!). We have a variety of bedspreads and most of them have blue tones so I thought a blanket made of granny squares in blue tones edged with white would fit the bill. Problem was that I started but then got totally sidetracked by all the other smaller projects I wanted to do...I always find that with me - there are so many projects I want to try that I end up with a whole bunch of smaller ones left unfinished. Well, no more! Last night I knuckled down and finished my blanket as well as 2 other smaller projects I had. I organised my current orders and when they need to be shipped by and am now feeling very organised and efficient! I took a few quick pics this morning of my finished blanket to show's funny that when I look at it now, I cringe at it's simple pattern and not-so-great-workmanship as I had only started to crochet when I began. I guess I can always look back on the blanket with fondness though as it was my first honest to goodness project I completed all by myself!
Here we go...

As you can see it's fairly simple but I like it. It doesn't have too many colours and it's not too busy!

I am glad I made the edging quite thick as when it is laid out flat the edging
makes it. 

So there you go. My very first crochet project! It has been laying around for over a year gathering dust so it was high time it was finished!!!

I am off to work now, the sun is shining and all is well!
Have a great day

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Princess

It has been a very busy and full weekend! We have had a 1st birthday party and a 40th wedding anniversary, not to mention all the normal weekend activities that normally happen! This weekend we celebrated my neice Macie's 1st birthday! I can't believe she is 1. It feels like just yesterday she arrived into our worlds. She is the most gorgeous little one and I couldn't resist making her a little something to go with her present....

It is the "Princess and the Pea"...

She wears a cute little dress with a heart shaped pocket..

Perfect size for a 1 year old to hold and play with...

I couldn't resist giving her orange plaits...

Here are her little mattresses...

And a little blanket to tuck her into bed...

Complete with "closed eyes" for her sleeping time...

All wrapped up and ready to go into the gift box!

Ready for the party!!!

She did come with a pattern to make the "peas" but I wasn't happy with the finished product, so I will have to fiddle around with it and add it when I am done!

That's it for me today....hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winter Ritual...

Hi friends! We had the best week this week of the most beautiful sunny might have even thought spring had arrived early. Not to be outdone, winter has once again reared it's ugly face...probably for a few more weeks yet. I am dying for the warm weather to arrive so I can pack away the heater and enjoy being outside a little more! I am craving warm summer nights outside and it actually being light till at least 730pm!
While winter was still here, hubs and I went and enjoyed a bonfire with the are some picks...

It was really relaxing, fun and chilled out. The kids LOVED it! What could be better for a kid! We topped off the night with a BBQ and fireworks. 

I have no completed project to show you this week as I have about 3 in the works!!! Life has been pretty hectic this week, not to mention I was struck down with some weird virus during the week. I am nearly back to normal but craving an afternoon nanna nap....which means my lounge is calling...
Have a great week, Ill be back next week to show you my latest project...