Saturday, July 30, 2011


I had been toying around for a while with making some crochet necklaces. I finally have got around to doing some and decided to post some pics today. It is a matter of experimentation with the different way to string them - ribbon vs chain vs rick rack and so on! I have pulled apart a few, thrown a few out in frustration and got way too many sketches of ones I would like to try when I have the time.
I am one of those typical A type personality people - you know a total perfectionist!! Already I look at the necklaces I have already made and am finding too many faults and want to toss them aside and start again. I have decided that thinking like this ruins the creative journey so I am going to try to not be too critical of myself  and focus on actually enjoying learning how to better myself and the actual process of creating something handmade and beautiful. Get my drift?? (all you other A type personality people are nodding their heads!!) Anyway, lets get a sneaky peek at what I have managed to come up with so far.....

This one is crocheted with 100% cotton and embellished with lace and a vintage button. This one is my favourite I think! It is on a boho gold chain with a clasp at the back to do up easily.

I love red and turquoise together at the moment. They really brighten up anything you are wearing. This necklace is threaded on cute rick rack and is surprisingly strong. Easy to tie at the back.

This one is in battle to be my favourite too!! I love the flower that sets the whole necklace off. Wooden beads with crochet covered beads as well. 

What do you think? Would love some feedback. Have so many ideas to try, including some cute ones for earrings!!!! 
This week is fairly big for hubs and I so I am now off to enjoy a B grade Sunday arvo movie with a nice hot cup of coffee and some chocolate! A nice way to end the weekend and ease into the week I say. 
Have a good one!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working on Change...

Hi there friends!!! Hope the weekend is treating you all well. Apart from constantly telling hubs that "I can't believe the weekend goes so quick"! I have tried to be somewhat productive. I have been going through some of my patterns and current selling items and updating, making pattern changes and cataloging patterns that I am absolutely dying to make when I get the time.
Some of you might remember my bird rattles that I sell at Sew Beautiful. I have made sooooo many of these and they tend to go like hotcakes! Like anything, too much of a good thing can get a little boring, especially when you are the one making them! I decided to add a little more character to my little birdies and came up with a changes to the eyes....

I simply crocheted a small circle and then changed from using plain black safety eyes to ones with a coloured rim to the eyes, and chose ones with a blue rim. I think he looks gorgeous! I want to give him a cute name like Herbert or something. It just goes!

I also made a red one which is mega cute but I wasn't overly happy with the cotton yarn I used. Hubs loves it though and says the colours work well. I guess everyone loves something different!

Aren't they cute!!!! I think I like them better this way than the original.

I am currently trying to finish off a blanket I started AGES ago and have got 2 necklaces almost finished for my new crochet necklace collection. They are really sweet and you will love them. I promise!

I also am itching to start some really sweet new patterns I have found via Pinterest....

bitOwhimsy: Simple and Sweet Owl Crochet Pattern
I love these cute little owls!

crocheted dinosaurs by planetjune

crocheted dinosaurs by planetjune
I LOVE these cute dinosaurs! I know lots of little people that would love these. Must try these soon!!! (when my week turns into a 8 day week! ) 

That's it for me today. I need to get into my study (only 2 units to go, but these are the hardest 2 because my motivation seems to have gone missing every time I look at my study material. ) Would love to know how how everyone keeps their motivation up!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Childhood Flashbacks...

I have been known as a bit of a dork, but one of my favourite childhood pastimes (and still is now...) was READING. I love a good book. I love to get lost in the pages of a story, get right into the characters and escape for a little while into a land I will never visit in reality. I can read for hours, devour a book within a few short days and trawl through bookshops for hours on end. A few months ago, my mum gave me some of my childhood books to keep for my children to hopefully enjoy (I am hoping they take after me and love reading, husband is not so keen and doesn't like to sit still long enough to have a good read!). I thought I would show you my favourite childhood books, which really, helped to shape who I am now, steered my interests and gave me a love for many of my favourite hobbies now...

What girl didn't love Trixie Belden????? I had the whole collection (bought mostly at book exchanges and garage sales) and would of given anything to live a life like Trixie did, full of adventure!!!

I read all of the Little House books and even have the DVD's now. I loved the character of "Laura" - spunky, full of attitude, loving and destined for a huge life.

I'm almost a little embarrassed to say that I adored Sweet Valley Twins!!! It can go in my shame file.

I got lost in the Magic Faraway Tree and read every one of Enid Blyton's books...

I think the last two are my long standing favourites...L.M.Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott..I still read them now when I need a good dose of fiction to remind me that the world is and can be a nice place!!!

What were your favourite books as a child? Do you still read them now?
Have a brilliant week, hope you find time to escape into the pages of a good book..

PS..I am currently working on a set of crochet Babushka dolls. They are soooo cute!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I know it has been around for a while but I have just jumped on board. Yep you guessed it....Pinterest!!! It is awesome. Pages and pages full of inspiring pictures, beautiful ideas for my home and future homes, AMAZING projects for me to knit/crochet or sew, funny pics and everything you could imagine! I thought I would give you a snippet of the few pics I have loved...

Must take note of....

Must make....
krukjes claudia & kathy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I want this to be my room!!
Posh, pretty and preposterous playrooms | BabyCenter

Cozy tent anyone???

Love this nursery...

Cute as a little lamb!

Hope you enjoy these pics! If you haven't tried Pinterest yourself...get moving! (Although, be prepared that it will tie up hours of your time drooling over amazing images...)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girl in Blue

I have been looking forward to doing this post for ages!!! I have been quietly (and rather slowly..) working away on this little cardi for a while, doing it in bits and peices and I finally finished it this week!! I made it from a pattern published by Patons ("Retro Babes" book 1306). After I had finished it I thought it would look extra cute with a headband so I added that as well (headband is my pattern). My niece Macie did the best job of modelling them for me. Here are the pics, they turned out extra cute (a big thanks to my sisters for helping me make Macie happy while we snapped the pics!)

Cardi is crocheted in merino wool and uses a 3mm hook. 
                         I decided to add some cute little feathers into the headband. They are so cute!

Trying to eat a leaf! 
The leaves were so fascinating! 

Beautiful girl!

Doesn't she look just lovely?? Nothing quite like handmade!

I have a trillion more pics but I'm gathering you get the gist! 
I have been working on some lovely crochet necklaces for women which I will try and get up during the week. I know you will love them!

It has been windy and cold here all day and I have caught a slight touch of the flu that is travelling around..I hope it decides to up and leave soon!

Have a good week and try to keep warm!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vintage Buttons and Cute Donkey Ears!

As promised, I thought I would show you my new vintage button collection. I love vintage buttons, they are sooooo much better made (no plastic) and have the most beautiful colours. As mentioned in my previous post, while I was away I got to scour local antique shops, but most importantly, my nan's button tin. I got some really amazing buttons...

Searching through the old tin while Nan and aunty cooked a yummy dinner..

I LOVE these colours..greens, blues, pinks and peaches...

These are stunning..I now have four. What to make???

I found these beautiful inspirations on the net...

I had been making some really cute knitted kids uggs I found in a knitting pattern from Patons. I decided to use a few of the vintage buttons on them...

Such an easy pattern...if you want to make some, head to your local craft store and grab the pattern. It is called "Cosy Winter" by Patons. These are approx for a child aged 2-3 (depending on foot size!) It is easy to adjust though if you want them bigger or smaller.

There is my button post! Do you have any beautiful buttons laying around? I have so many projects I could use them for...easy to make a simple garment or project have that "special" look.
To make you hubs and I went to a local historic village and there were lots of different critters there. My favourite was the donkey...he was so CUTE!!!

Enjoy your week!!