Saturday, May 5, 2012

Times are a Changin'

People always tell you growing up that there are seasons in life. Seasons for working hard, seasons for rest and so on. I always knew it to be true, but I feel like I am really living this at the moment. For the last few years it has felt like my motto has been "when I have the time..." - this especially applying to my creativity and things that I want to try, create, make and live. Well, that season is almost upon me as I only have 3 weeks left of working life before I settle into maternity leave and then go on to have our precious little girl who is due in August.
I have been bookmarking things for soooo long that I want to try and do and the time is nearly here that I will have that time! I have about 10 weeks off work before bubba comes then plan on staying home for a while to raise her (before all the critics send me emails about how busy I will be with a newborn, I know! I work with babies and young children and have a very good idea of the demands on mothers, especially new ones!) I do however, plan on setting aside daily time to be creative, whether that be when she is asleep or as she grows, a time where we can be creative together.

I have book marked so many great blogs and projects, I thought I would share some with you that are also interested in the creative side of life....

Love the Bluebird - I love this blog - lots of free patterns, especially ones that are nice and easy..

Easy Makes Me Happy - this would have to be my all time favourite crochet blog - sooo many patterns!

LuvintheMommyhood - I love Shannon's blog - lots of real life stories and sewing, stitching, knitting and crochet. She often does "Knit-a Longs" which is cool to be doing a project with women all over the world. Love.

I also have pinned a few projects that I cannot wait to try...

I love this crochet rug, I am going to make!

I am planning on making this as a rug for our nursery. I want to make it asap, I am dying it is so beautiful!

This fox jacket has got to be one of the best things I have seen on pinterest. The "head" of the fox is actually the hood of the jacket, can be worn up or down

I LOVE these little dolls. I am thinking of making these for bubba.

Some more cute rattles!

I think I have more than enough to keep me busy as I wait for my due date to draw closer!

Hope you have a creative week!

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